Defense systems
Training equipment for Land Forces and Air Forces
Repair – Upgrade
– Modernisation

  • Small Caliber Ammunition
  • Medium Caliber Ammunition
  • RPG Type Grenades
  • SPG-9
  • Under barrel Grenades
  • Mortar Bombs
  • Aviation Rockets
  • Artillery Rounds
  • Assault Rifles
  • Machine Guns
  • Heavy Machine Gun
  • Sniper Rifles
  • RPG
  • Mortar Weapon Systems
Repair – Upgrade – Modernisation
  • Day-time optical sights
  • Collimator sights
  • Night vision devices and sights
  • Thermal vision devices and sights
  • Laser aiming devices and accessories
  • Rangefinders and LRF modules
  • Intellectual sights and observation complexes
  • Spare parts and accessories
Training equipment for Land Forces and Air Forces
  • Shooting simulators with wide range of weapons (incl. AK, Machine gun, Sniper rifles, RPG etc.), different ballistic specifications and missions according required conditions
  • Training simulator complex for helicopters MI-series including night-mode flights
  • Training simulator complex for SU aircrafts pilots
  • Maintenance services, spare parts and consultancy support
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