Export/import of military and dual use products;
Light and heavy Armament for the Air Forces, Army, Police and other departments;
Various types of armored vehicles, light, middle and main tanks
Aviation (cargo planes, fighters, multipurpose helicopters);
Air Defence Systems including Missile systems, Radar Stations etc.
Repair-works, overhaul and upgrade of military equipment, maintenance, technical testing, providing of spare parts, tools and accessories, documentation and experts' services, repair and test equipment.
Self-propelled artillery mounts and their modifications and their armaments, equipment and ammunition
Training of technical personnel and flight personnel, delivery of various kinds of simulators;
Optical devices - scopes, collimator sights, night vision devices, reddot pointers, observation devices
Communication and search equipment (radio-direction finders, jamming systems) equipment for intelligence agencies, etc..

Bosasy Logistics Limited operates in the arms markets in full compliance with all resolutions of the UN Security Council and international arms control treaties .
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