About us

BOSASY LOGISTICS LIMITED is a company registered in The Republic of Uganda, under the registration №182069. in the sourcing, shipping and Supply of special and military products
BOSASY LOGISTICS LIMITED is known for its operational flexibility and efficiency in the process of executing contracts, as well as in planning and performing short and long-term market policy and partnership.
We maintain a highly diverse source and supply system; helping us fit in almost every client need range hence their satisfaction that has kept us guaranteed of our clientele.
Due to many years of operational experience we have conducted commendable business in Uganda, the rest of Africa and managed to extend our supply base to Europe as well as Asia.
Our partners and customers are mainly official Government Institution, including Ministries of Defence and Ministries of Internal Affairs, Special Forces, Prison service Departments, and any other eligible Authorities, Institution or Agency.
The fact that the products are highly exclusive, supply is to a legitimate and eligible organizations (customers) or departments that has prepared and presented all official documentation including the authority to use these items.
Bosasy has a well stocked warehouse to facilitate supplies that may require immediate effect.

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